The ‘HeARTfelt’ Exhibition

this weekend the 'darlington arts festival' had a special exhibition showcasing 'beautiful expressions of felt art by talented western australian textile artists'.

i had been invited along with 15 or so other textile artists to submit three pieces each.


now, earlier this year a friend of mine had her first solo exhibition and i was feeling if i was just more disciplined and would plan ahead then surely i could have an exhibition too. but really i was beating myself up about not getting my act together…

then i had my balinese horoscope done while we were there in july and was told that i didn't have to make big decisions and plans and could just go with the flow (i wrote about it here and here).


and an amazing thing happened last tuesday when i went to drop of my three pieces for the 'heartfelt' exhibition: three people had dropped out without notice and two were only able to put in one piece instead of three. so the organisers were desperate for more work and asked me (since i live closest to the exhibition) if i could supply any more. i raced back home, filled up a box with things i had in the studio and dropped it off, thinking they would choose a few pieces… to my amazement they kept it all! and i ended up with 28 pieces in the exhibition!

so this experience reminded me of my balinese horoscope: 'just go with the flow'







2 thoughts on “The ‘HeARTfelt’ Exhibition

  1. Yes, go with the flow indeed! Wonderful to hear about your exhibit, and to see the pictures of your work on display. It all looks lovely! I find having an exhibit of a body of work so satisfying, and it is great to get feedback from people too. Congratulations!!

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