Expressions of Creativity…

i haven't had time to do anything creative in the studio for sooooo long – life has been very busy!

but i tell myself that creativity comes in many shapes and sizes… like baking sourdough bread…


or creating a weed-free backyard (still a long way to go!)…


and making yummy lunches…


or turning the burned-off 'open forest' bush at the front  of the house

from a leaf and fallen wood littered area…


into a tydier, safer space…


and some of the 'busy time' has been really great too,

like attending the teenagers graduation ceremony…




i have a few ideas in my head

that i have to get my hands involved with soon…

and hopefully next week i will fit some studio time in 🙂


One thought on “Expressions of Creativity…

  1. Looks like you have been deliciously busy, congratulations on the graduation!! Fun to see the pic of your house, and I’m really liking those spiky plants that are scattered about. How long will it take for the burned area to grow lush again? xo

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