Beach Days…

since early december we have spent many days on the beach. one reason is that we have an exchange student from berlin living with us. and what better way to show him the aussie summer lifestyle then going to the beach…


we've been going to beaches around perth including south fremantle…


and we've just spent a week down in margaret river visiting several beaches – rain or shine…




another reason for all the beach visits is that luna just loves it…


she's a real beach babe… going for swims, making friends with other dogs and playing with the boys…



we've had some golden sunsets too…


and just a really, really great time!



looks like there will be a lot more beach visits this summer 🙂


2 thoughts on “Beach Days…

  1. The glow of the sun is gorgeous! And the beach looking so serene with so few people around is the cherry on that cake. Of course, a lively beach has its own charm too, but it’s great that the vast beach has so many different appearances depending on the time of day and the amount of activity going on.

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