Gado-Gado Recipe

i am taking part in a recipe swap.

and because i love cooking and baking

it wasn't easy to choose a recipe.

in the end i settled for


one of my favourite indonesian dishes.

it consistes of a spicy nut sauce over raw and/or cooked veggies

and can be served with rice and tofu and tempe.


here's what you need for the nut sauce:


the basic ingredients are:

1 cup of nuts (i used almond and hazelnut. experiment with cashew and brasil nut too)

or 100g of nut butter

1-3 chillies

1-2 garlic cloves

1/4 cup palm sugar (or raw sugar)

1 tbs soya sauce

salt & pepper to taste


optional ingredients:

fresh coconut or coconut milk

fresh ginger and turmeric

tamarind paste

lime juice

a tomato


place all the ingredients in a blender and add enough water to turn it into a thick sauce…


this sauce tastes great with a selection of raw and cooked vegetables…


serve with rice and fried tofu and tempe

and don't forget to sprinkle with

lots of lime juice…


selamat makan!


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