‘how do you manage without your studio?’

that's what most of my friends want to know: how do i manage without my studio?



i feel really blessed and grateful that we had the studio, especially since we built it by hand with strawbales and rendered it with local clay. i even made an earthen floor by hand.

and for the few years that we had the studio it was great to have all that space to explore big art and craft projects. but by the end i had accummulated so much stuff, that it became a burden. for the last 10 months that we lived in our old house i hardly used the studio. it was a beautiful space but difficult to keep clean and tidy…


so now… i turn the whole living space at our new house into my studio and i only keep materials that i know i will use…


i've got these great leg extensions for the table that bring it up to a good hight for felting…



and a hanging spot next to the staircase for the finished scarves…


these ones are going down to gunyulgup galleries




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