Bali Retreat for 2013


this year's Creativity Retreat in Bali was a big success
and we are just starting to organise a new retreat for 2013.
During the retreat we will meet each morning and explore “The Grain of Rice” – a mini-drama written by Jennifer Kornberger. We will enliven our creativity through gesture work, acting, and creative writing. The six days we spend together will be a continuous engagement with the spirit of place and a sharing of the holy water and sacred fire that lives in community.  Expect humour, movement, life and colour. 
And in the afternoons Paul and I and our Balinese friends will lead you on a cultural and creative journey, exploring Balinese music, dance, offering making and the Balinese surroundings.
here are some pictures from this year's retreat:
at the beautiful Taman Bebek…
the morning sessions…

afternoon excursions…

and activities…
evening entertainment…
to join us in Bali in 2013
click here

places are limited, so let us know soon if you are interested in coming



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