The Grain of Rice

555 Holy Water 10


We will meet at the charming Taman Bebek. Places are limited. Book early.



The Grain of Rice

What is it? A six-day creativity retreat with Horst and Jennifer Kornberger,

Paul and Nicole Lawrence and their Balinese friends.


There are many stories about rice. It is said that Buddha lived on one grain of rice. Jennifer has written a story about another. If you want to be part of this new story (in which there is no fasting) come along and write some of it yourself. Become a story teller. Be an actor, even if you've never acted before. Draw. Stand under a sacred Banyan tree. Walk to a holy spring. Meet a master Balinese dancer and learn from him. Eat at the Yellow Flower Cafe. Talk (because you have the time). Inspire and be inspired by a great crew in a great location.


Paul and Nicole have lived in Bali. They speak the language.

Some of the best Balinese musicians and dancers are their friends.

They know the best places to eat, where to go and when.

They can tell Bali time.


Horst and Jennifer have never lived in Bali and don't speak the language.

They don't know where to go but they are happy to go there.

Their forte is being creative and helping others to become creative too.



Durga – the refreshing, no-nonsense goddess and companion of Shiva

Devi Sri – the Balinese Rice Goddess

Various deities of place – holy springs, rice paddies and temples

A Gamelan orchestra

Kadek Isa – Balinese master dancer

Kasta – Local Stage Manager

The taxi drivers of Ubud



'The best thing I have ever done in my life!' Anonymous

'This is it!' Abraham Lincoln

'Imagination is more important than knowledge and this is the retreat where

you will get it.' Albert Einstein

'This is the holiday I should have taken.' Ned Kelly





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