Indigo Dyeing in Bali – Part I

there's a little shop on ubud main road

owned by a javanese couple

that sells beautiful hand-spun and -woven plant-dyed textiles.

i've bought a few of their fabrics over the years.

this is a top i had made from one of the indigo-dyed batik fabrics…



so this time while in bali

i asked the owner of the shop 

if he would teach me indigo dyeing.

he ordered 1/2 kg of indigo powder from java

plus a couple of other ingredients

and off we went…


the indigo powder is collected from the fermented leaf solution (see here). 

we also had another dried leaf which intensifies the colour

and some natural soap to fix the colour.

all three were mixed into a bucket…




then we added some wool tops 

and some silk scraps that i had tied up…


and here are some of the results…


more to come soon…


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