In My Nature

for the last 8 weeks i have been relief teaching in kindergarten 4 days a week,

settling in 3 groups of 10 children aged  3 and 4.

i really love the work – mothering is in my nature.

but… it takes a lot out of me

and by the end of the week i am soooooo tired.

and i don’t have the energy anymore to be creative.



for the last two days i’ve been at home with a toothache.

day one i was in pain, upset, annoyed, tired…

but this afternoon i started to feel better.

and i realized how much it is in my nature

to be a homemaker.

and an artist.

and how much i have missed that over the last 8 weeks.



i had enough energy to clean the house – always a sign of improvement!

and then set up my outdoor painting table

and worked on two small canvases.



and the lesson here seems to be:


a couple more weeks and i will have finished this particular teaching job

and will be able to create more balance again in my life.

it seems to be in my nature to be

an artist

a mother

and a homemaker.

and sometimes a teacher.



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