Creating Photo Tutorials + A Gift for You

over the last three years i have created quite a few photo tutorials.

some of them were used in the online felting class that i created with my friend emily:

F E L T – A – L I C I O U S

(here’s a link: )


this morning i spent a couple of hours transferring 3 photo tutorials from my old blog library to my computer library.

and i realized  just how much time i spent creating them.

they usually have 50 to 85 pictures with the instructions typed onto the images.

here are couple of samples:

6a0120a9614dee970b0134887f2423970c-500wi 6a0120a9614dee970b013488f29661970c-500wi 6a0120a9614dee970b0147e03c49bf970b-500wi

they are for the following 3 tutorials:

small nuno felted scarf


ipod pouch


and scarfette


and as a little gift to you

i thought i would re-run this free tutorial (which at less then 20 pictures is relatively short):

scrappy scarf tutorial


as well as making a tutorial this was also a great opportunity to make a little gift for my aunty who is visiting from germany. plus she was very curious to see how felting actually works.

so here you see my aunty, ready to observe my felting skills…


we’ve put the bubble wrap – bubbles up – on the table

and have the wool tops in my aunty’s favourite colour

and a bowl of warm soapy water ready…


first i divide the wool tops into small strips.

if you use wool scraps do the same…


then dip them one at the time into the soapy water…


and lay them out on the bubble wrap

making sure that they overlap regularly

and that the fibres of the individual parts are not twisted…


this scarf turned out in a grid pattern.

the pinky one on the top is just a random pattern.


after laying out the pattern the scarf is rolled up in the bubble wrap…


then the bubble wrap is rolled to start the felting process…


after about 5 minutes unroll the wrap…


roll up from the other side…

and roll with your hands (or feet) for another 5 minutes.

then unroll and change directions again.

repeat several times, until the fibres have felted together.

to further strengthen and shrink the scarf throw it onto the bubble wrap for another 5 minutes…

throwing is lots of fun :)

but remember to check every once in a while that the felt is shrinking nicely.

and within no time you will have a beautiful scarf!

now rinse the scarf in cold water…


and after it has dried

keep it either for yourself or give it away…



ha ppy fel ting everyone!

and if you need some beautiful

fine australian merino wool tops

in hand-dyed colours

you can order it through

my etsy shop

wishing you all a creative weekend! xo

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