ah… inspiration… where does it come from?

i looked up the word inspiration – it comes from the Latin inspirare, meaning “to breathe into”

so am i breathing life into my artwork?

or is the muse breathing inspiration into me?



(i know… i do look stunned…)


lately i have also been inspired by the beautiful Flora Bowley ( ):

i got back into painting while participating in her inspiring online class last year.

and i was inspired to breathe fresh air into my blog after reading Flora’s ’30-day blog love affair’.


i find inspiration in knowing that there are women out there like me: Flora, Emily ( ), Faith                   ( ), and many more…

and that we are in this big adventure together – finding ways to express ourselves, supporting each other, being brave and honest…


i also find inspiration by being in the moment, turning within, taking in the beautiful colours of nature…

and by just doing it! getting out my paints, listening to great music and just allowing creativity to flow…



 where do you draw your inspiration from?



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