To Blog or Not To Blog…

i haven’t really been blogging much for the last 2 year.

somehow i didn’t feel like i had much to share anymore…

maybe i’ve also been a bit lazy? or sometimes even a bit depressed.

and just when i was thinking of giving the blog up, a dear old friend from germany sent me an email asking if everything was okay – i hadn’t posted anything on my blog for so long…

and last night i ran into a friend who confessed that his wife was following my blog. when i mentioned that i was thinking of not blogging anymore he said: ‘you can’t do that. you’ve got fans out there!’

so as you can see a little bit of flattery has brought me back here πŸ˜‰

but honestly, one of the reasons for giving it up was also that it had become such a one-sided affair. i wasn’t getting much feedback anymore.

so for all of you out there reading this:

i would love to hear from you! who are you? where are you? please share a line or two with us…

until tomorrow! xo



10 thoughts on “To Blog or Not To Blog…

  1. I’ve followed your blog for years!I love it because you’re local to me -I live in Waikiki,WA. It’s inspiring to follow others creative journeys.Your insights and comments are always interesting. I suppose a blog takes time and commitment,and we’re all busy these days. I follow a few artists (Flora Bowley and Kelly Rae Roberts are two),because they inspire me to keep going creatively.Just so you know,you’re blog is appreciated!

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment, Julia! I was just getting to the point again where I was thinking ‘ah, no-one reads my blog anyway, maybe I’ll just stop.’ And then I had a call from a friend today who said she loves reading my blog, and now your message!
      So I guess I’ll keep blogging! πŸ™‚
      It does take a bit of time and commitment and a fair amount of courage. You might have read Flora saying on her blog that she sometimes feels sick after pressing the ‘post’ button – I can relate to that.
      Anyway, it’s nice to hear from you.
      Warm regards, Nicole.

  2. They reckon that the universe shows us the way!You had doubts on whether or not to continue and the Universe has given you some answers!Keep up the good work,there are many who appreciate it.I,personally,find your insights helpful in my ongoing struggles with my creative side.My inner critic sabotages regularly and I often feel an anomaly amongst my friends and family for pursuing that side of my life.Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself to actually do something.That’s why reading other people’s journeys is sometime’s helpful.

  3. Hi Nicole-I found your blog (and a beautiful one it is) a while ago from Emily Falconbridge. Love her blog too. I really enjoy reading about others’ lives. I love your artistic spirit.

    I just turned 46, will be married for 26 years tomorrow, and have a 21 year old daughter. I live in Western Pennsylvania in the United States.

    I can’t wait to read of your adventures in Bali!



    1. Hi Holly,
      so nice to hear from you πŸ™‚
      I love to get comments on my blog; otherwise it feels so one-sided.
      Do you love creating things as well?
      Greetings from Oz, Nicole.

  4. Oh, yes-I have always been a maker. Right now, my thing is rag rugs. Round ones made from t-shirts or sheets- mostly given to me or thrifted. I’ve made over 200 in the last two or three years, I think. I love seeing all your creating, very inspiring!


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