My Bali Adventure Begins…

so since i decided to give blogging another go, i thought i might write a bit about why i feel so at home in bali.

it all started in my last year of school when my best friend gave me a travel guide to bali saying ‘it’s a great book. we should go there.’

i read the book, which was the first travel guide to bali in the german language, and the way the author described bali made me feel like i had been there. i could totally imagine the place!

in it the author talks about a young balinese man who had traveled around with him and had helped him with the research. and how he had ended up building a holiday house on this young man’s family’s property. they also rented out a couple of rooms to backpackers.

it all sounded so idyllic – i decided that i had to go there!

and that’s what i did. i finished school, worked for a few months and went off to south east asia.

i was 19 when i arrived in bali for the first time in may 1986. i went straight up to ubud and got a room for the night and the next morning went to the small village where the author of the travel guide had his house.

and that is how i met our good friend Kasta, who was the young balinese who had helped with the research for the book.

and here we are 27 years later running retreats together:




to be continued…


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