Painting in Bali











earlier this year i was fortunate to attend Flora Bowley’s painting retreat in bali. we met early in the mornings to meditate and practise yoga in this beautiful garden pavillion which turned into our painting studio in the afternoons…



i had such a great time! i soaked up every moment of it and i am still feeding on the rich experience.

both Flora and Lisa Mae, the yoga teacher, are such incredibly inspiring people and watching them both demonstrating their talents was such a joyful experience that enabled me to get more out of my yoga practise and loosen up and be more playful in my painting…



i started 4 paintings while at Flora’s retreat in may, took them off the stretchers, rolled the canvases up to take on the plane, learned to re-stretch them at home and have finished 3 of them…







IMG_1407 IMG_1586


when we returned to bali in july, i had canvas put onto the stretchers that i left behind in may, and set up a painting space at our house – so great to be painting in bali again!

IMG_1792 IMG_1735


i also went to a life drawing session at a gallery in ubud which was fantastic – about 20 artists, beginners to professionals, local high school students and visiting tourists, painting and drawing…



and for one week i was able to set up my painting studio in one of the most magical locations on the island – overlooking the  Ayung river and rice terraces…

TerracedWalls IMG_1950 IMG_1947

what an incredibly inspiring environment! and a pool and daybed close by as well…

IMG_1985  IMG_2326


i brought 4 more paintings back home, one of which is now finished…

IMG_2131 IMG_2446


and i can’t wait to be back in bali again painting surrounded by that lush tropical vegetation, the sound of flowing water and insects, the scent of flowers and incense…



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