Bali in 1986

when i was planning my big trip around the world in 1986, a school friend, who was planning a trip through russia, china, tibet and nepal at the same time, gave me a very german, politically correct book about how ‘photographing natives in their exotic habitat’ was a total no-no. and this naive schoolgirl decided to travel without a camera to ‘not invade the natives’ space’.

after spending 7 weeks in thailand and arriving in bali i just couldn’t stop my urge to document and share the beauty around me  anymore, and bought a very cheap and nasty little camera in denpasar – hence the bad quality of the following pics.

funny enough, i never ended up taking many pictures. and i am still a bit like that now. i get so involved with being where i am, who i am spending time with, just being in the moment… that i forget to take pictures.

nowadays i often make a conscious decision ‘today i will take my camera and take pictures’.  having it in my bag just-in-case doesn’t seem to work for me.

the following two pictures show the rice fields around penestanan, which unfortunately are filled with bungalows now. and the main road in peliatan which was such a quiet road with hardly any traffic back then.

the last picture is of me – 19 years old. i loved that turquoise sarong with it’s swirly ikat patterns…


IMG_2734 IMG_2735

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