i just finished another one of my bali paintings yesterday.

it’s such an interesting process. for a long time i didn’t know where it was going. one thing i learned from Flora is not to get frustrated or impatient, but to just keep painting. listening to uplifting music while i paint keeps me playful. and it seems to stop me from thinking, because as soon as i think too much i start to judge and have expectations. and so generally speaking, i try to not even think too much in every day life. thoughts often seem to gravitate towards remembering the past or worrying about the future.  and then we miss out on being present in the moment. and in painting as in life, it all happens  in the moment. and all of  a sudden there it is!

and that’s how i got from here to there…





and i called it ‘fragrance’ – because for some strange reason i can smell the tropical air when i look at it…


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