bali in 1987

after spending 7 weeks in bali in 1986 i continued my travels and spent 3 months on the east coast of australia. i was supposed to keep on going to new zealand, new caledonia, tahiti, san francisco… but i got so home sick that i decided to go back to the canary islands where my family was living at the time.

i worked there as a waitress for a few months and then had itchy feet again…

so i set off again in march 1987 and visited friends in nepal, studied wood carving in northern thailand and made my way overland from chiang mai to…


i arrived there shortly after my 21st birthday. it felt like coming home…

i stayed in a village outside ubud again and became really close friends with nyoman, a young local woman who owned a ‘warung’, a road side stall. i ended up spending a lot of my time there and slowly learned to remember the names of her 10 sibling, their wives and husbands and children, as well as the cousins and aunts and uncles next door.

they all welcomed me into their home and family and i soon started sharing meals with them and staying overnight.

one day while i was sitting and chatting with nyoman behind the counter of her warung, a young australian musician living in ubud came to visit nyoman. his name was paul and my soul must have recognized him because that moment of our first meeting is etched in my memory – and i’ve been married to him for over 22 years now…

so life in bali was becoming more and more familiar. i spent my days with nyoman’s family and with a handful of backpacker friends. i learned batik from nyoman’s cousin and to speak village indonesian. i would have happily stayed on if i hadn’t been called back to the canary islands to look after my mum, who was in hospital with pneumonia.

before i left bali i took some black and white portraits of nyoman’s family…




and here’s one of only three pictures i have of nyoman…



nyoman sadly passed away in 1989 and is still missed by all of us.


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