Intentions vs Expectations

i’ve been contemplating what i want to get out of doing Flora’s online course again.

and it occurred to me that the traditional approach is to have expectations – like: ‘i want to paint some amazing pictures’ – which often leads to frustration and disappointment…

if i have intentions instead – to stay in the moment, to try out new ways, to be more bold – i am entering a space where i am allowing inspiration to enter. i can go with the flow and experience more freedom.

of course that’s easier said then done. and i like to distract my mind from making judgements by playing uplifting music; keeps my body loose and flexible too if i can dance a bit while i’m painting 😉

so i did just that this afternoon with one of my paintings that hasn’t found it’s direction yet…


i’m still not sure where this one is going, but i had a fun time and feel enlivened by having painted. and that can be worth more then ending up with an amazing picture, right?

a lot of Flora’s teachings are about letting go and opening up to new possibilities. and the great thing is that doesn’t just apply to painting but to life in general.

here’s a link to a video where Flora talks about the course – Inspire. Transform. Create.

and i’d also like to let you know that i have joined the Bloom True affiliate program. so if you are thinking about joining the  Bloom True e-course please click on one of the buttons on my blog to connect to the website. like that a percentage of your fee will enable me to buy a few more paints – thanks!



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