Painting Day :)



Taking a Leap

finished today!

had such a great day painting today

with a walk on the beach with my dog in between 🙂



i am still working on the next two

but hope to finish them over the weekend…


Recently Updated1


and monday is the start of


the 5-week online painting course with Flora Bowley.

i am so looking forward to join that global group

of courageous creative bloomers!


and it’s not too late

for YOU to join in!

click on the button above

for more info and to register.


2 thoughts on “Painting Day :)

  1. I feel incredibly lucky that my hubby has just bought this painting for me for Christmas. I kept seeing it down at the cafe and was worried it might be gone next time i went, so now it is mine, all tucked away ready to bring out and hang on Christmas day. It is a wonderful painting!

    1. Hi there! I have only just found your comment. Thank you so much!
      My blog was in sleeping mode for a looooong time – I think Sep. 2014. And I have only just resurrected it.
      So happy to know that you enjoy the tiger. Warm regards, Nicole

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