Making Palm Leaf Offerings in Bali



at the Soulful Escape to Bali in January 2014

you will have an opportunity to learn how to make

traditional balinese palm leaf offerings and decorations

that are used in ceremonies and festivals.

they come in lots of different shapes and sizes.

here are a few examples…


 we will spend some time at my friends’ house

in the village, down the road from the resort.

there you will meet my girlfriends and their mums and aunties

who will teach us how to weave the long palm fronds into intricate designs.


weaving palm leaf offerings is women’s business.

some of the offerings come in the shape of birds…


or little baskets that are filled with rice and will then be steamed.

after they have been offered to the gods the rice is shared as a blessing at the next meal.


when i am in bali

i love nothing better then sitting with the women in the afternoon/evening

and watch them make the offerings.

they are being made on a daily basis since they are needed for

daily offerings as well as for the many larger ceremonies.

sometimes i am even allowed to join in.

but i am afraid my big hands are a bit clumsy…


if you want to join us in january

go to our webpage here

or visit our facebook page: Soulful Escape to Bali



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