It’s Galungan Day in Bali today

today is the biggest celebration of the balinese year: Hari Raya Galungan, and i am sitting here at home thinking of all my friends in bali…

they will all be meeting at their family compounds, wear their best sarongs, pray in the family temple and share special food with each other.

so to honor this special day i thought i would re-blog a post from two years ago when we happened to be in bali for galungan and celebrated with our friends:


we have just been celebrating galungan here in bali. galungan is the biggest celebration in the balinese year. gods and deified ancestors are invited to dwell in the family temples as the victory of good over evil is celebrated. everyone goes home to their families and villages, houses are cleaned, family temples decorated, special food is cooked to be offered, the women have been busy weaving the little palm leaf baskets for the offerings… on the day everyone wears beautiful traditional clothes as they come together to pray and make offerings in their family temples…

there are also offerings for motorbikes and cars…




and if galungan is the equivalent to our christmas, then the penjor is like our christmas tree. every house has one of these beautifully decorated bamboo poles in front…



they all have a little shrine for offerings at the bottom…


look at this one, it’s made from palm leaves in the shape of a peacock…


it’s just amazing how much time and creative effort goes into all the decorations and offerings..



for galungan we were invited at my girlfriends house, a short walk from where we live. the whole family came together for the day, and if it was hard 24 years ago to remember the names of her 9 siblings (half of whom where married then with only a handful of children) – then it is quite a brain exercise now that everyone is married with children and even grandchildren…

everyone was dressed up for the day in their best new sarongs and temple clothes…



the kids had heaps of ice cream and the women all wore beautiful flowers in their hair….




the family temple was decorated with colourful fabrics and offerings and family members arrived all day long to bring more offerings and pray…





one of my friends, meh kadek, was sprinkling holy water over people as they finished their prayers…





at the end of the day we received a big plate of food that had been offered to the gods, blessed and is then shared amongst family and friends…



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