Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter June 2016


Dear friends,

how are you all settling into the colder autumn and winter months?

We have been using a lot of On Guard in the diffuser to eliminate airborne threats. In the mornings I usually add a drop or two of Wild Orange to it for that beautiful uplifting fragrance and in the evening a bit of Lavender for a relaxing mood.

Here are a few more diffuser blends that are beneficial throughout the winter months:



Another favourite at this time of year is Oregano with it’s warming properties


To find out more about protecting your immune system with essential oils you might like to read this article by Dr. Hill, doTerra’s chief medical advisor.

June Promotion


To find out more about Immortelle/Salubelle click here


The other news is that I went to Singapore in May to attend Dr. Hill’s essential oil seminar and his training in the AromaTouch massage.


As you can see, i was a very attentive student 🙂     This was such a great opportunity to learn from Dr. Hill himself who developed this clinical massage technique using eight different essential oils. It’s a very gentle rhythmic application to stimulate the blood flow and neurological tissues with the oils. And it leaves the recipient feeling relaxed and more balanced.

If you have never had an AromaTouch massage before and would like to have this uplifting essential oils experience, send me a message or email to make an appointment.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 7.37.51 pm

And last but not least let me know if you would like a free half hour Wellness Consult to chat about how the oils can benefit you and your family in addressing health concerns, emotional issues, skin care etc… I am available for the consults in person or via skype.

If you are interested in hosting an Essential Oils Introduction class for your family and friends or a more specific event like – Essential Oils for Children or Essential Oils during the Winter Months – please contact me. Small groups (up to five people) are best to give every one individual attention. And the host receives one of the beautiful oils bags that we have made in our Women’s Co-op in Bali.


Wishing you all a wonderful month of June. Stay warm and uplifted! xo Nicole







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