Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ July 2016


Dear friends,

greetings from Singapore! I arrived here two days ago to follow up on the visit in May and teach a couple more essential oil classes with a friend. And I am so glad to have a collection of my oils with me as constant travel companions.


I actually had a nice hot bath after arriving here with a couple of drops of Balance and Lavender – sooooo relaxing!

imageAs you can probably tell… I love all my different oil bags 💜 The two bags on the right – the small key chain pouch that fits 8 tiny bottles and the carry bag for 16 x 15ml bottles – are made in our women’s co-op in Bali from hand painted fabrics and recycled vintage sarongs. We often give them away as host gifts when you host an oil class for family and friends or other special incentives – so please let me know if you are interested in hosting a class. I am free between the 21st and 31st July to come to your house and introduce your friends to the benefits of doTerra essential oils. You can choose to have a general introduction class or a specific theme like: Health Support with Essential Oil during the Winter Months, Women’s Health, Essential Oils for Children, Emotional Support with Essential Oils…


And here are some great essential oil tips you might like to try. The first one comes from Karen, one of our Perth members. The second I googled after I received a sweet gift of shower melts which a friend and her children had made for me with Breathe oil – it clears your airways while you have a shower! And the third one I found on socia media and thought was interesting


Let me know if you have any tips you want to share here or are looking for specific health solutions with essential oils.

And remember…. the doTerra website – – has lots of information on all the products and the companies humanitarian projects in developing countries. If you haven’t watch it yet… here’s a great video about the Co-impact Sourcing


And if you are not a doTerra member yet and would like to be able to have access to the whole range of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and products at Wholesale Prices then this month you can receive two free oils:


Send me an email to find out how to qualify for this special deal and I’ll help you with your enrolment and I’ll throw in a little surprise gift as well 😀

Well, that’s all for now. Keep warm and healthy and don’t forget to use your oils. With lots of warm tropical greetings, xo Nicole


2 thoughts on “Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ July 2016

    1. Hi Eileen,
      sorry, only just saw your comment.
      Welcome to our doTerra group 🙂
      You’re up in Broome, right? I’ve visited a few times – love it up there! Let us know if you want to host a class sometime and Fred and I could come up…
      Warm regards, Nicole

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