Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ November 2016


Dear friends,

finally spring – or summer? – is here! I so love the warmer weather and spending more time outdoors. And we have a few tips in this newsletter for keeping the mozzies and flies at bay plus hay fever help.

But first let’s go back to the basics:


WHY doTerra Essential Oils?

Did you know that there is no standard in the essential oil industry? This means that anyone can sell anything and label it an essential oil. Which is happening a lot now since essential oils are becoming more popular. I’ve seen essential oils being sold for a few dollars a bottle at reject stores, shopping centers, chemists… So most of those really cheap oils are completely synthetic and you really wouldn’t want to put them on your skin or even inhale them too much. If you’re really sensitive they might give you a headache. Next are essential oils that are diluted with other oils. Depending on the other oils these would be safe for a massage for example. Then there are also food grade essential oils to flavour sweets and food. And even amongst natural essential oils there can be a big difference in potency. That’s why doTerra puts their oils through many test to assure that they are CPTG – Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. To learn more about the testing go here. Another big difference with doTerra essential oils is that they are sourced from the country of origin of the plant – which makes them so much more potent because they grow in the perfect climate and soil conditions. And you can learn more about that here


HOW to use doTerra Essential Oils

There are three main applications for doTerra Essential Oils: Aromatic – Topical – Internal


And there’s a great information page on the doTerra webpage about How to use your oils safely. Most oils are ingestible – however there are a handful of oils that are not safe for internal use like: Arbovitae, Cedarwood, Cypress, Eucalyptus, White Fir and Wintergreen. Do you notice a theme here? Most of them are distilled from trees.

One question I get asked a lot is: how many drops is safe to use per day? And this chart by Dr. Hill answers that question:



Another question is: How much essential oil do I use when I dilute it?


My favourite carrier oil is fractionated coconut oil. It is so smooth and silky it gets absorbed really quickly. And best of all it’s non-greasy. So no oil stains on your clothes if you feel like giving yourself a quick aromatic massage after the shower. You can order a bottle of fractionated coconut oil next time you place your doTerra order or get it in bulk online from Aussie Soap Supplies.

WHAT doTerra Essential Oils should I use?

Ahhhh… this is a great question! Did you know that I offer free Wellness Consults where we look into any health concerns/challenges you and your family might have and what the best solutions for them are? Just send me a message or email to book a consult and let’s work out together how you can best benefit from the large range of products that doTerra offers.


Personally I also think it’s worth it for every one to have the Home Essentials Kit because it covers your 10 most popular oils – and you will use these a lot. And on top of that we are of course all very individual. When I first started off with doTerra a couple of years ago I had those 10 oils from the Home Essentials Kit. We used them successfully for lots of physical ailments and emotional issues and then looked up online what else would be useful for our family – and thus our oil collection grew… One of my favourite tools is the Modern Essentials App. It’s so easy to use: you type in your favourite oils and find out what you can use them for. Or you type in an ailment and find out which oils to use. The Modern Essentials App is US$8 in your App Store and looks like this:


And another one of my absolute favourites – a book that I use every day – is the ‘Emotions and Essential Oil‘. Every doTerra essential oil has a separate page describing it’s emotional benefits. It’s a fantastic book. And if you’d like to grab one please send me a message.


Okay… so, back to summer and mozzies, flies and hay fever season:

I actually used my Modern Essentials App to look up this information on hay fever:


My husband has also been using the EasyAir very successfully – just a drop at the time rubbed into the palms of your hands and inhaled to soothe the respiratory system.


And as far as mozzies, flies and other bugs and insects go… doTerra is now offering TerraArmour from the Australian warehouse – hurray!




Great incentives to share doTerra

I remember when I first experienced the amazing benefits of doTerra products – I just couldn’t help myself, I had to tell my friends about it. But I didn’t have any answers to the Why? and How? and What? back then. And I didn’t know anyone here in Perth who did either… So if you feel like sharing the oils with your family and friends and need someone to explain it all – why not host an Introduction Class? I’ll come to your house for a very informative but also informal and fun class. And this month I’ve got a super special offer for anyone who wants to host a class:

I’ll be away from Monday, 7th til Friday, 10th November and I’ve got lots of time after that for you to book a classdaytime, evening or weekend.

‘Could I do this as a business?’

If you have asked yourself that question come and join us on the 19th November for a training day with Emily Falconbridge. Em is also my partner in the *soulful escapes to bali* and she really rocks doTerra as a business! And so do some of our other team here in Perth. We’d love you to join us for an inspiring information and training session. I am at the moment looking for capable and committed people to join my expanding team here in Perth. Contact me for more details on the training session if you want to find out more. In June last year I didn’t think I was suited to this type of business… I have learned so much in the last 14 months – about oils and about myself. And I can now say that I love doing this. I feel very passionate about sharing the oils and get so much out of helping people improve their sleep, relieve anxiety and tension, soothe aches and pains, support their immune systems and general wellbeing… It’s a real blessing for me to be working with doTerra. They are an incredibly ethical company and support everyone who comes in contact with them: from the growers to everyone using the oils and people like me who do this as a business. After one year my business has grown to a point where I am able to supplement the family income considerably.


November Promotions



And please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any information, have feedback, want to come to one of our regular classes, want to host a class, be part of the team or feel like a relaxing AromaTouch massage…


Have a great and sunny month of November and remember to diffuse and use your oils, xo Nicole

PS… Em and I are also offering a *soulful escape to bali*  in March 2017. For all the info go here




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