Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ February 2017


Welcome to this very late newsletter – since getting back to Perth we’ve experinced such slow internet speed that I could hardly work from home at all let alone write this newsletter. Don’t you wish there was an oil for fixing your internet problems? I certainly do! But since there isn’t we’ll focus on Balance this month – the oil I went to when feeling irritated and frustrated…


Balance – the grounding blend – was one of the first oils that I ordered after my enrolment kit. And it’s been one of my favourites ever since. It has a lovely calming and grounding aroma. And no wonder… it contains Frankincense and Blue Chamomile as well as Spruce and Ho Wood and Blue Tansy. The woody oils have great grounding properties and the flower oils are calming and the Frankincense? Well, that’s the King of Oils anyway (see last month’s newsletter).


So what does this grounding blend do for us? On an emotional level it will give us stability and perseverance. Remember, this blend is primarily a combination of tree oils. Trees live in the present moment. They are not in a hurry. They are stable. So whenever I feel a bit irritated or frustrated this blend helps me to come back to my center – to a state of balance. I also use it during and after a flight. It grounds me and therefore counteracts the feeling of jetlag.

The soft energy of Balance is excellent for calming hyperactive children who have difficulty settling down. This blend also reminds individuals that to realise their true dreams and desires, they must stay focused on a goal until it is actualised in the physical world. Providing inner strength and fortitude, Balance teaches us to ground our energy and to manifest our vision with the patience of a tree.~ excerpt from Emotions & Essential Oils book. Isn’t that a beautiful image? And here are a few more quick facts on Balance, the Grounding Blend:


I usually put a drop on my wrists and also wear it on my diffuser necklace. Because all doTerra oils are for therapeutic use they will not sit on your skin in an oily film. Their purity will allow them to penetrate into your skin and work on a cellular level. So if you want to experience the aroma throughout the day for emotional purposes the oil is best placed on a diffuser necklace or braclet. The porous beads or the layered fabric will absorb the oil and you can keep smelling it for many hours – even up to 2 days.


Some of the diffuser necklaces are made in our women’s co-op in Bali. Please contact me if you would like to order a necklace or bracelet – thanks.


theThis month we’ll also look at Bergamot, Cardamom and Eucalyptus.


Bergamot has a soft citrusy aroma and is used to give Earl Grey tea it’s distinct flavour. Bergamot blends beautifully with lots of other oils to add an uplifting quality to your day:


In emotional aromatherapy Bergamot is the Oil of Self-AcceptanceIt relieves feelings of despair, self-judgement and low self-esteem. It supports the individual in need of self-acceptance and self-love. Bergamot invites individuals to see life with more optimism. ~ excerpt from Emotions & Essential Oils.


Bergamot is also the promotion of the month – any order of Bergamot in February 2017 is 10% off. And you can watch a beautiful little video here



I love the smell and taste of Cardamom. And one thing I particularly love is cardamom in my coffee. So when I got my first bottle of Cardamom oil first thing I did was add a drop to my coffee. And guess what – it was so strong I couldn’t drink it! These oils are so potent that in this case you only need to dip a tooth pick in the oil and then swirl it through your coffee. Or tea or hot chocolate. It adds this beautiful warm spicy taste.

In emotional aromatherapy Cardamom is the Oil of ObjectivityIt helps individuals to regain objectivity, mental sobriety and self-control. It assists individuals who frequently feel frustrated or angry with other people. Cardamom helps to bring balance, mental clarity and objectivity during moments of extreme anger and frustration. ~ excerpt from Emotions & Essential Oils.


Cardamom is very beneficial for the respiratory system and you can add a drop or two along with EasyAir (Breathe) in the diffuser to benefit from its benefits. There’s also a beautiful video about doTerra’s Co-Impact Sourcing program in Guatemala which you can watch here



The doTerra Eucalyptus oil is of course harvested in Australia and has that beautiful fresh scent that we are so familiar with here down under. Eucalyptus is the Oil of WellnessThe strong medicinal aroma of Eucalyptus demonstrates its powerful effect upon the physical and emotional bodies. Eucalyptus oil supports the soul who is constantly facing illness. They may get well for times and seasons, only to return to a common cold, allergies or congestion in the sinuses and respiratory system. Eucalyptus encourages individuals to take full responsibility for their own health~ excerpt from Emotions & Essential Oils.


You can see from the above information how important it is to have a bottle of Eucalyptus oil handy: not only does it aid with all your respiratory problems and congestion it also helps to bring lasting wellness when used in emotional aromatherapy. You can add it to lots of your diffuser blends during flu season or add a drop or two to a Tbs of carrier oil for a foot massage.



Please follow this link to the doTerra Blog where you will find the recipe for the foot mask and lots of other great ideas for oils.



As mentioned earlier, Bergamot is the 10% off oil this month and anyone on the Loyalty Rewards Program receives a free bottle of AromaTouch oil this month when placing their order before the 15th February.

Please let me know if you need help placing an order or accessing the Loyalty Rewards Program.



Send in a picture of a diffuser blend which you made with any of the oils from this newsletter: Balance, Bergamot, Cardamom, Eucalyptus and AromaTouch. The first three entries will receive a special gift.



Some of you might have seen the little videos that Paul and I have been posting on Facebook to share how we use the oils in the Home Essentials Kit. As soon as all our internet problems are resolved we are planning to continue posting videos and also sharing a YouTube channel. You can access our first three videos on my Facebook page

I am also very excited to travel to the U.S. later this month to attend the DoTerra Leadership Retreat in Orlanda, Florida with my team mates over there. And I am looking forward to sharing news from it next month.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to find out more about doTerra essential oils and how they can make a difference to your health and wellbeing. They are a true Gift of the Earth 💜

So, keep using your oils, have fun experimenting a bit, share the beautiful aroma. Best wishes, Nicole xo



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