Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ April 2017


Dear friends,

I hope this newsletter finds you all well. April for me is always a month for cleansing and boosting the immune system. At the change of seasons it’s so easy to catch some bug and come down with an infection. And your doTerra essential oils can make a real difference there. So many of them have antibacterial and antiviral properties. Others are immune boosters and protect us on a cellular level. What I love about them is how immediately my body responds to the oils – whether taken internally, aromatically ot topically. And if you have a chance to have an AromaTouch massage then go for it. The benefits of this application are countless for our allover wellbeing.


Hurray – the Lifelong Vitality supplements are finally available from the Australian doTerra Warehouse 💜 I know I’ve said this before, but I can’t say it enough: if you are serious about improving your general wellbeing & health, support your immune system, balance your body systems, protect your cellular health and experience improved sleep… then give these supplements a go. They have made a huge difference to my life. I have so much more energy these days, don’t get sick as often, sleep better and just feel great! In fact, at age 50 I finally feel the way I always thought I should feel since I was in my mid 20s. So please contact me if you want to find out more about these amazing natural supplements. You can also find more information on the doTerra website: Lifelong Vitality


This month we’re looking at oils that cleanse the body and boost the immune system.IMG_6553For me the basis of my wellbeing is my digestive system – if that is out of balance the rest of the body will soon follow; including emotional health. DigestZen is a perfectly balanced blend of pure essential oils to aid with any digestive issues. I often have a drop in water after a meal, especially when it includes cheese or cream. It helps my digestive system to process dairy products without giving me any trouble. Alternatively you can also apply a drop or two directly on your tummy or the bottom of feet. On our last *soulful escape to bali* retreat last month we were able to help several of our participants with DigestZen when they had issues ranging from constipation to diarrhoea. >>> This month you will receive a *free 5ml bottle of DigestZen* from doTerra when you place a Loyalty Rewards order of 125PV before the 15th April. Please also have a look at the digestive health supplements. They are very effective for cleansing and restoring a healthy digestive system and many health practitioners are starting to prescribe them now: Digestive Health supplements



doTerra Lemon oil is the simplest way of cleansing your body on a daily basis. Lots of people now drink lemon juice in the mornings for cleansing. But it’s actually the rind of lemons that has more of the beneficial chemical components for cleansing than the juice. And doTerra Lemon oil is cold pressed from organically grown lemons in Italy. Approximately 45 lemons are used to make one 15ml bottle of pure oil – that’s 250 drops of oil. And you will only need one drop first thing in the morning in a glass of water to flush out any toxins from your body and naturally rehydrate your body after sleep. This is the most effective, safe and cheap  way to detox I can think of. And of course Lemon oil doesn’t only cleanse the body – it also helps around the house: 10 Ways to Spring Clean with Lemon



OnGuard – the protective blend – keeps my immune system boosted. I have a drop in my water bottle every day. For those that don’t like the taste there are also soft gels and beadlets. Or you can simply put a drop on the bottom of the feet. This is also the preferred method for children. Because these pure essential oils are so potent children should not ingest them. OnGuard also comes in a very effective throat drops. I always carry a few in my handbag. They provide instant relief for sore throats. On Guard is not only antibacterial and antifungal, it is also antiviral – which makes a great aid during flu season when even antibiotics can’t reach a virus. And diffusing OnGuard will terminate airborne germs.  We also love the OnGuard toothpaste and cleaning concentrate. You’ll never wake up with furry teeth again when you use this toothpaste.



Some really helpful tips on cleaning your home without chemicals: Spring/Autumn Cleaning


As mentiones earlier, DigestZen is the product of the month in April 2017 for Australia: receive a 5ml bottle free with your Loyalty Rewards order of 125PV before the 15th of April. The EasyAir Vapor Stick is 10% off in April in AU/NZ – a great natural alternative to Vicks which contains petroleaum jelly and turpentine.


And how lucky are we in AU/NZ – the IceBlue promotion has been extended to the 15th April. Any order of 200PV will receive a free IceBlue oil and athletic rub worth over A$105 retail.




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