Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ June 2017


Dear friends,

we’ve got lots of exciting news for you this month: fun ways to engage with your oils, the best offer of the year (in my opinion), tips for skin care, DIY and much more… let’s dive straight in:

IMG_7232I’ve used doTerra skin care for about two years now  and even though I’ve always used natural products I’ll never forget using these for the first time. I couldn’t believe how toned and soft my skin felt after cleansing, toning, hydrating and moisturising with the Verage skin care products. I was so excited I called my teenage son to come and feel my skin!IMG_7251.PNG

The Verage skin care collection consists of  four products: a cleanser, a toner, a hydrating serum and a moisturiser. They are easy to use – it literally takes me a couple of minutes – and a little bit goes a long way. Our skin is our largest organ and for me it is really important to know that I use only natural products on my skin. doTerra fulfills this criteria and here’s the ingredients list of the Verage skin careVerage ingredients

The hydrating serum contains another one of my favourite oil blends: Salubelle – or Immortelle as it’s called in most countries outside of Australia – the anti-aging blend.IMG_7252.PNGFor me Salubelle/Immortelle is one of the most luxurious oil blends – it even contains the precious Rose oil. I always carry a bottle in my hand bag and just dab a bit on the parts of my face that I feel need anti-aging: around the eyes, on the forehead, around the mouth and the neck. And I can immediately feel the difference it makes. It makes my skin come alive and engages it in cell regenerating.

dotera also makes two other lines of skin careThe Essential Skin Care and The HD Clear Skin Care which is also suitable for teenagers and to help with acne.


And guess what? This month is my favourite doTerra month of the year! Because anyone can get a *Free Bottle of Salubelle* worth A$129 retail! More about that later…

theThis month I want to introduce you to our YouTube channel. As some of you might know Paul and I have been making little videos where we chat about different oils. We have just completed the last video for the ten oils in the Home Essentials Kit and we hope that you find some new information and ways to use your oils. Click here to go to Nicole & Paul’s YouTube channel


We are planning to make more videos and also start making them in German and Indonesian.

this-monthsAs mentioned before… this month is my favourite doTerra month of the year because I can get a free bottle of Salubelle/Immortelle with my order of 200PVIMG_7198.PNGHow generous is that? If you need any help to place your order please let me know. I also offer free advice on which oils or products you might need in relation to your health goals/challenges. This is a good time to review which oils can assist you and then get your free Salubelle on top of that. I am always available online if you can’t catch me in person.

The other promotions this month are:


living-sharing-buildingEarly last month I received a call from doTerra marketing in Australia asking if I’d like to feature in their monthly online newsletter. The interview was a really great way for me to contemplate the questions and be clear for myself about why I love the products and the company and my job so much. You can read My doTerra interview hereIMG_7256.PNG

Just before that we had also thought that since our videos are so amateurish it might be fun to do something more professional and I collaborated with my niece, Tashi Hall, to make a little Introduction to Essential Oils video. Tashi is an immensely talented filmmaker and a lot of the video was shot without me knowing that it was not a test. Click here to watch:   My introduction to doTerraIMG_7227.PNG

We also just had the doTerra Leadership Retreat in Perth – two days of inspiring talks and presentations shared with around 500 doTerra leaders from around Australia and New Zealand. And I am now travelling in Switzerland and Germany to visit family and friends and teach essential oil classes.



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