Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ August 2017


Dear friends,

welcome to August! After almost two months overseas I’m back in Australia enjoying some quiet time and also busy catching up with things online. I’ve also found myself contemplating and researching health issues like auto immune diseases, inflammations, gut health… what the causes are and how we can effectively improve our health to prevent and overcome these diseases.

I wasn’t sure how to tackle all of this in a newsletter. And then I came across a great  Presentation on Immune Support which covers a lot of those issues in an easy to understand format whilst offering simple and effective solutions. So let’s have a look at that:



Our Immune System is one of the most important body systems as it protects us from outside threats like bacteria, viruses and fungi.IMG_8263.JPG

Point one – exercise regularly – is pretty self explanatory. But how do you manage stress levels? And did you know that stress limits the health of your immune system? Here are some oils and how to use them:IMG_8266.JPG

Adequate sleep is so important for our overall health and the immune system. Our bodies need prolonged periods of deep restful sleep to function properly. Here are some oils that can assist:IMG_8268.JPG

And then there’s adequate nutrition. What does that actually mean? Making sure that our body receives all the nutrition that it needs to function optimally. Unfortunately we don’t receive all of that through the food we buy and consume anymore. And I am not going into all the detail here now but I’d like to encourage you to watch a video that we made on the Lifelong Vitality supplements


Another subject that I feel passionate about and that directly influences our immune function is gut health. So many people these days suffer from inflammation in their digestive system. Without going into the many causes for these inflammations let’s have a look at improving our gut health and laying a foundation for improved overall health and immune function:IMG_8273.JPG

And last but not least we can use certain doTerra single essential oils to boost our immune system like Cassia, Cinnamon, Lime, Marjoram, Melaleuca, Oregano, Roman Chamomile, Tangerine, Thyme, Vetiver and Wild Orange. They all help to maintain and support the immune system when taken internally. Simply add a couple of drops to a glass of water or other beverages or take in a veggie cap. Please refer to this safety information when taking oils internally. Plus doTerra’s proprietary Protective Blend OnGuard:IMG_8277.JPG

For more in depth information on all the above please have a look at the Immune Support Presentation



Let’s explore some of the single oils mentioned above that support and maintain healthy immune function:IMG_8278IMG_8288In emotional aromatherapy Cinnamon is the Oil of Sexual Harmony: Cinnamon supports the reproductive system and helps heal sexual issues. It assists individuals in accepting their body and embracing their physical attractiveness. Cinnamon dispels fear  of rejection and nurtures healthy sexuality. ~ excerpt from ‘Emotions & Essential Oils’ book


In emotional aromatherapy Chamomile is the Oil of Spiritual Purpose: Chamomile supports an individual in discovering and living their true life purpose. Regardless of what they do for a living, Chamomile helps them find purpose and meaning in their lives. As individuals live from the center of their beings, they find a power and a purpose that is indescribable. ~ excerpt from ‘Emotions & Essential Oils’ book


In emotional aromatherapy Tangerine is the Oil of Cheer & Creativity: Tangerine’s strong qualities of cheer and joyfulness can lift the darkest of moods. It can assist those who feel cut off from the lightness of heart often manifested by children. It encourages a person to be creative and spontaneous. Tangerine teaches the individual to enjoy life by being more abundantly creative and to re-experience the joy and cheerfulness they knew in childhood. ~ excerpt from ‘Emotions & Essential Oils’ book

Tangerine essential oil is now available for sale through the doTerra US warehouse.

Other oils that are beneficial for immune support like Lime, Marjoram, Thyme, Wild Orange and OnGuard have been featured in previous newsletters. And videos of Melaleuca, Oregano and OnGuard are available on our YouTube channel


In Australia this month we have 10% off one of my favourite blends – InTune the focus blend. It has helped me so much to stay focused on work whereas before I would have been distracted by anything happening around me or even thoughts in my head. These days I find it very easy to focus on the work at hand, even when it means sitting here for a whole day to pull together all the information for this newsletter. Thank you InTune 💜

And Lime – one of the oils beneficial to our immune system – is the oil of the month. You can read up on it in the March Newsletter

The other great promotion this month for anyone who hasn’t got a doTerra account yet is that they can qualify for a free pack of Lifelong Vitality worth $153 retail. This is a great offer and some of my friends have already taken advantage of it.

Please make sure to contact me if you want help to access any of these promotions.




Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ July 2017


Dear friends,

I hope this newsletter finds you all in good health. A lot of us around the world are on school holidays this month, enjoying some outdoor time and maybe travelling. I’ve just come back from a 4-week trip to Europe. The first time I’ve been back in 23 years. And as you can imagine it involved a lot of catching up with family and friends. Some of the time I slept on a different sofa almost every night and got an average of 5 hours sleep due to all the late nights catching up with old friends.  I don’t think I could have coped without my oils. And I’d like to share some of that with you in the Focus section:


This is what I carry with me wherever I go – every day. At home. Overseas. My constant essential oil companion.

I strongly believe that the basis for a healthy life is a balanced digestion. While travelling – especially on a plane – I have a drop of DigestZen after every meal. Straight on the tongue or in a glass of water. Since I’ve been doing this I haven’t experienced any jetlag anymore. Even when travelling over 12 time zones from Perth to NY.

The other important thing is to keep boosting the immune system with OnGuard. I use 1-2 drops of oil in a glass of water once a day. You can also put the oil on the soles of your feet morning and night or pop a couple of OnGuard beadlets which contain a quarter of a drop of the oil and open in your tummy.

I also have a drop of Lemon in my water first thing in the morning to rehydrate and flush out any toxins in my body.

Those are the absolute daily essentials. Plus all the other bits and pieces I might need: an OnGuard lozenge for a sore throat, Basil for an ear ache, Lavender to relax, Peppermint to cool down and to relief nausea/travel sickness, CorrectX ointment for blisters, lip balm & hand creme, ClaryCalm for hormone  balancing, InTune to focus, Oregano for cold feet, PastTense when I feel a migraine coming on, DeepBlue for my knees and achy back, Salubelle/Immortelle to refresh the skin, Wild Orange to uplift and Frankincense for general healing.

Your personal kit might look different from mine. And I’d be happy to help you choose oils that can support you on a daily basis. Just send me a message. We are also making more zip pouches for roller bottles and keychain pouches for 8 x 2ml oil bottles while I am in Bali this month. And I’ll throw in a zip pouch with every order over 150PV this month and a keychain pouch with orders over 200PV if you send me a message. This offer is valid for members on my doTerra team only.

IMG_7676.JPGFor more information click here



Let’s look at some of the herbal oils this month: Marjoram, Cilantro and Thyme


In emotional aromatherapy Marjoram is the Oil of Connection: Marjoram aids those who are unable to trust others or form meaningful relationships. This inability to trust often stems from harsh life experiences. The individual develops a fear of close connection in human relationships. Marjoram teaches that trust is the basis for all human relationships. It assists an individual in increasing their warmth and trust in social situations. ~ excerpt from Emotions & Essential Oils book

In Australia Marjoram is the Product of the Month and you will receive a free 15ml bottle of Marjoram if you put in your LRP order of 125 PV before the 15th July – please let me know if you need help with this.



Cilantro is the Oil of Releasing Control in emotional aromatherapy: Those in need of Cilantro may attempt to obsessively control other people or manage their environment. Inwardly, these individuals may experience a great deal of worry and mental strain. Cilantro facilitates emotional cleansing, and especially encourages the release of worry and control as it assists individuals in centering in their True Self. ~ excerpt from Emotions & Essential Oils book



In emotional aromatherapy Thyme is the Oil of Releasing & Forgiving: Thyme is one of the most powerful cleansers of the emotional body and assists in addressing trapped feelings which have been buried for a long time. It reaches deep within the body and soul, searching for unresolved negativity. Thyme empties the soul of all negativity, leaving the heart wide open. In this state of openness, an individual begins to feel tolerance and patience for others. As the heart opens more and more, it is able to receive love and offer forgiveness. ~ excerpt from Emotions & Essential Oils book


I would also like to remind you to visit our YouTube channel to watch us talk about our favourite oils. We will be making videos in German as well this month. Click here to access our YouTube channel. IMG_7228











Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ June 2017


Dear friends,

we’ve got lots of exciting news for you this month: fun ways to engage with your oils, the best offer of the year (in my opinion), tips for skin care, DIY and much more… let’s dive straight in:

IMG_7232I’ve used doTerra skin care for about two years now  and even though I’ve always used natural products I’ll never forget using these for the first time. I couldn’t believe how toned and soft my skin felt after cleansing, toning, hydrating and moisturising with the Verage skin care products. I was so excited I called my teenage son to come and feel my skin!IMG_7251.PNG

The Verage skin care collection consists of  four products: a cleanser, a toner, a hydrating serum and a moisturiser. They are easy to use – it literally takes me a couple of minutes – and a little bit goes a long way. Our skin is our largest organ and for me it is really important to know that I use only natural products on my skin. doTerra fulfills this criteria and here’s the ingredients list of the Verage skin careVerage ingredients

The hydrating serum contains another one of my favourite oil blends: Salubelle – or Immortelle as it’s called in most countries outside of Australia – the anti-aging blend.IMG_7252.PNGFor me Salubelle/Immortelle is one of the most luxurious oil blends – it even contains the precious Rose oil. I always carry a bottle in my hand bag and just dab a bit on the parts of my face that I feel need anti-aging: around the eyes, on the forehead, around the mouth and the neck. And I can immediately feel the difference it makes. It makes my skin come alive and engages it in cell regenerating.

dotera also makes two other lines of skin careThe Essential Skin Care and The HD Clear Skin Care which is also suitable for teenagers and to help with acne.


And guess what? This month is my favourite doTerra month of the year! Because anyone can get a *Free Bottle of Salubelle* worth A$129 retail! More about that later…

theThis month I want to introduce you to our YouTube channel. As some of you might know Paul and I have been making little videos where we chat about different oils. We have just completed the last video for the ten oils in the Home Essentials Kit and we hope that you find some new information and ways to use your oils. Click here to go to Nicole & Paul’s YouTube channel


We are planning to make more videos and also start making them in German and Indonesian.

this-monthsAs mentioned before… this month is my favourite doTerra month of the year because I can get a free bottle of Salubelle/Immortelle with my order of 200PVIMG_7198.PNGHow generous is that? If you need any help to place your order please let me know. I also offer free advice on which oils or products you might need in relation to your health goals/challenges. This is a good time to review which oils can assist you and then get your free Salubelle on top of that. I am always available online if you can’t catch me in person.

The other promotions this month are:


living-sharing-buildingEarly last month I received a call from doTerra marketing in Australia asking if I’d like to feature in their monthly online newsletter. The interview was a really great way for me to contemplate the questions and be clear for myself about why I love the products and the company and my job so much. You can read My doTerra interview hereIMG_7256.PNG

Just before that we had also thought that since our videos are so amateurish it might be fun to do something more professional and I collaborated with my niece, Tashi Hall, to make a little Introduction to Essential Oils video. Tashi is an immensely talented filmmaker and a lot of the video was shot without me knowing that it was not a test. Click here to watch:   My introduction to doTerraIMG_7227.PNG

We also just had the doTerra Leadership Retreat in Perth – two days of inspiring talks and presentations shared with around 500 doTerra leaders from around Australia and New Zealand. And I am now travelling in Switzerland and Germany to visit family and friends and teach essential oil classes.


Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ May 2017


Dear friends,

welcome to the month of May! In Europe and Northern America it brings the first fragrance of summer. And for us in Australia the coming of autumn and winter. In the last newsletter we talked about cleansing, boosting the immune system and a healthy digestive system. This month I want to share with you how I was introduced to doTerra and we’ll also look at wood oils.


PastTense is the first doTerra product I came in contact with. I used to suffer from really debilitating migraines since I was in my late teens. And I never found a natural product that could give me relief from the migraines. Just over three years ago I had another migraine coming on and a friend passed me this little roller bottle and said: “just roll this oil onto your neck, your temples and forehead and lie down and you’ll be alright.” I thought: ” as if…” but she’s a lovely person and I just gave it a go. After 20 minutes I was able to get up and continue with my day. The usual migraine routine was to vomit and get so light sensitive that I’d have to stay in a dark room until the next day. You can probably imagine my surprise. I just looked at that small bottle saying ‘PastTense’ and wondered: “what is this?”


I always carry a bottle of PastTense with me in my handbag (along with a few others that come in handy…). And this month I will give a ***FREE bottle of PastTense*** to anyone who wants to become a doTerra member with a kit AND everyone who introduces a friend who then becomes a member.


theThis month we will look at the many benefits of oils made from trees: Cedarwood, Douglas Fir and Sandalwood


I love the warm woody smell of Cedarwood and use it often for its grounding properties in the diffuser. It blends well with Bergamot, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus… In emotional aromatherapy Cedarwood is the Oil of Community: Cedarwood brings people together to experience the strength and value of community. Cedarwood supports individuals in seeing that they are not alone; life is a shared experience. It invites individuals to both give and receive, so they may experience the strength of groups and the joy of relationships. ~ excerpt from Emotions & Essential Oils.


Cedarwood is also really helpful in repelling moths from your wardrobe: just add a drop or two to a cotton ball and put it between your clothes.



Douglas Fir is an introduced species in New Zealand that causes big environmental problems. Watch this little video to see how doTerra is part of a great solution for this problem and at the same time produces this beautiful oil – true co-impact sourcing! 


The fresh woody smell of Douglas Fir is so beneficial to all sorts of respiratory problems when diffused or diluted in a carrier oil and applied topically. Douglas Fir in emotional aromatherapy is the Oil of Generational Wisdom: Douglas Fir addresses generational issues by inviting individuals to break free from destructive traditions passed down trough their family. It assists individuals to live according to their own conscience and values by letting go of harmful patterns. It teaches that each generation can be a gift of new life, new growth, and new beginnings. ~ excerpt from Emotions & Essential Oils.



Sandalwood – ahhhh…. who loves Sandalwood? I certainly do! I am sitting here writing this and sniffing at this little bottle of magic – the Oil of Sacred Devotion: Sandalwood assists with all kind of prayer, meditation and spiritual worship. It teaches reverence and respect for Deity. This oil has been used since ancient times for its powerful ability to calm the mind, still the heart and prepare the spirit to commune with God. ~ excerpt from Emotions & Essential Oils. It’s that immediate feeling of peace that comes when breathing in Sandalwood that I so love – the calm mind and still heart.


doTerra has produced a great little video on the Hawaiian Sandalwood. As you can see above it has many beneficial properties and varied applications apart from just making me feel great!



There’s a great recipe for a shaving cream with Sandalwood, Peppermint and Melaleuca oil over on the doTerra blog And this is not just for the guys to shave their face but also great for women. It will leave your skin smooth, healthy and moisturized. 


Please check your backoffice for special promotions in Singapore, Europe, the US and Canada. Here in Australia we have the following in May:


If you have been thinking about getting another diffuser for the bedroom or office then this month is perfect with the 10% off the Petal Diffuser.

And all Loyalty Rewards orders over 125PV placed before 15th May receive a free bottle of Cedarwood! To find even more info on this oil click here. Please let me own if you need help placing an order or want to find out more about the Loyalty Rewards Program and how to earn free oils.


Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ April 2017


Dear friends,

I hope this newsletter finds you all well. April for me is always a month for cleansing and boosting the immune system. At the change of seasons it’s so easy to catch some bug and come down with an infection. And your doTerra essential oils can make a real difference there. So many of them have antibacterial and antiviral properties. Others are immune boosters and protect us on a cellular level. What I love about them is how immediately my body responds to the oils – whether taken internally, aromatically ot topically. And if you have a chance to have an AromaTouch massage then go for it. The benefits of this application are countless for our allover wellbeing.


Hurray – the Lifelong Vitality supplements are finally available from the Australian doTerra Warehouse 💜 I know I’ve said this before, but I can’t say it enough: if you are serious about improving your general wellbeing & health, support your immune system, balance your body systems, protect your cellular health and experience improved sleep… then give these supplements a go. They have made a huge difference to my life. I have so much more energy these days, don’t get sick as often, sleep better and just feel great! In fact, at age 50 I finally feel the way I always thought I should feel since I was in my mid 20s. So please contact me if you want to find out more about these amazing natural supplements. You can also find more information on the doTerra website: Lifelong Vitality


This month we’re looking at oils that cleanse the body and boost the immune system.IMG_6553For me the basis of my wellbeing is my digestive system – if that is out of balance the rest of the body will soon follow; including emotional health. DigestZen is a perfectly balanced blend of pure essential oils to aid with any digestive issues. I often have a drop in water after a meal, especially when it includes cheese or cream. It helps my digestive system to process dairy products without giving me any trouble. Alternatively you can also apply a drop or two directly on your tummy or the bottom of feet. On our last *soulful escape to bali* retreat last month we were able to help several of our participants with DigestZen when they had issues ranging from constipation to diarrhoea. >>> This month you will receive a *free 5ml bottle of DigestZen* from doTerra when you place a Loyalty Rewards order of 125PV before the 15th April. Please also have a look at the digestive health supplements. They are very effective for cleansing and restoring a healthy digestive system and many health practitioners are starting to prescribe them now: Digestive Health supplements



doTerra Lemon oil is the simplest way of cleansing your body on a daily basis. Lots of people now drink lemon juice in the mornings for cleansing. But it’s actually the rind of lemons that has more of the beneficial chemical components for cleansing than the juice. And doTerra Lemon oil is cold pressed from organically grown lemons in Italy. Approximately 45 lemons are used to make one 15ml bottle of pure oil – that’s 250 drops of oil. And you will only need one drop first thing in the morning in a glass of water to flush out any toxins from your body and naturally rehydrate your body after sleep. This is the most effective, safe and cheap  way to detox I can think of. And of course Lemon oil doesn’t only cleanse the body – it also helps around the house: 10 Ways to Spring Clean with Lemon



OnGuard – the protective blend – keeps my immune system boosted. I have a drop in my water bottle every day. For those that don’t like the taste there are also soft gels and beadlets. Or you can simply put a drop on the bottom of the feet. This is also the preferred method for children. Because these pure essential oils are so potent children should not ingest them. OnGuard also comes in a very effective throat drops. I always carry a few in my handbag. They provide instant relief for sore throats. On Guard is not only antibacterial and antifungal, it is also antiviral – which makes a great aid during flu season when even antibiotics can’t reach a virus. And diffusing OnGuard will terminate airborne germs.  We also love the OnGuard toothpaste and cleaning concentrate. You’ll never wake up with furry teeth again when you use this toothpaste.



Some really helpful tips on cleaning your home without chemicals: Spring/Autumn Cleaning


As mentiones earlier, DigestZen is the product of the month in April 2017 for Australia: receive a 5ml bottle free with your Loyalty Rewards order of 125PV before the 15th of April. The EasyAir Vapor Stick is 10% off in April in AU/NZ – a great natural alternative to Vicks which contains petroleaum jelly and turpentine.


And how lucky are we in AU/NZ – the IceBlue promotion has been extended to the 15th April. Any order of 200PV will receive a free IceBlue oil and athletic rub worth over A$105 retail.



Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ March 2017

img_6181Dear friends,

I am writing this newsletter on my stop-over in LA. I have just attended the doTerra Leadership Retreat in Orlando, Florida and am on my looooong way back to Australia. The retreat was so amazing and inspiring and confirmed all my reasons for feeling blessed to be part of the doTerra family and sharing these beautiful pure oils to make a change in the world. So many of us are suffering from anxiety, sleeplessness, physical discomfort, emotional upsets, inflammation, low immunity and more… These pure therapeutic oils can make a real and immediate difference in healing our bodies – physical, emotional, mental. And empower us to to take charge of our own healthcare. So let’s start focusing on one of the oils I’d not want to be without…


This doTerra blend – IceBlue or DeepBlue – is pure magic. It contains oils that are well known and frequently studied for their abilities to soothe inflammation, alleviate pain and reduce soreness: Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile and Osmanthus. As many of you might know I’ve had problems with my knees for the last 8 years or so. Sometimes I’ve been in so much pain that I could hardly walk. This oil blend – diluted with a carrier oil or as the athletic rub – has made a real difference in soothing my discomfort. I apply it usually first thing in the morning and then several more times during the day if needed. It’s also great before and after a workout. img_6188

IceBlue is also the special promotion of the month. These ones only come around a few times a year and you can find out further down in the newsletter how to get a *FREE* IceBlue oil blend and the Athletic Rub.


theThis month we are looking at three of the citrus oils: Grapefruit, Lime and Wild Orange. There are a couple of things that all citrus oils have in common: they are cold pressed from the rind of the fruit and they all have uplifting antidepressant properties and are great for cleansing the body and cleaning your home.

img_6198Grapefruit supports healthy metabolism and is therefore a great help for weight loss. Try adding a drop or two to a glass of water to control your appetite and cravings. It’s also effective to diminish cellulite and  you can make a simple body scrub by mixing enough coconut oil with sugar or salt to turn it into a scrub and then add a few drops of Grapefruit oil. Wet the body first, then apply the body scrub and rinse off. There’s also a glass cleanser recipe on the doTerra blogimg_6203


Ahhh, Lime…. do you know why I love this oil so much apart from it’s fresh taste and smell? In emotional aromatherapy it’s the oil of Zest for Life! Isn’t that cool? Zest for Life – I love it! Lime imbues the soul with a zest for life. When a soul has been weighed down with discouragement and grief, Lime elevates them above the mire. It installs courage and cheer in the heart and reminds them to be grateful for the gift of life. ~ excerpt from Emotions and Essential Oils.img_6206


Wild Orange is everyone’s favourite oil. My friend Em dares people to add a drop of Wild Orange to the palms of their hands, rub them together, breathe it it and try to have a negative thought! The smell of Wild Orange is so uplifting that you can’t help it but have positive thoughts and feel great! I use it in the diffuser a lot – it’s energising and revitalising and makes me feel happy. You can combine it with other oils in the diffuser: try Peppermint to get you out of the slump in the afternoon. Or Lavender to relax and uplift in the evening. In emotional aromatherapy Wild Orange is the oil of Abundance:  It addresses a wide variety of emotional issues. It inspires abundance, fosters creativity, supports a positive mood, restores physical energy and aids in transition. Wild Orange also reconnects individuals with their inner child and brings spontaneity, fun, joy and play into one’s life. ~ excerpt from Emotions and Essential Oils. And who wouldn’t want to feel all of that?img_6209


img_6210img_6223You can find all of these and more recipes on the doTerra blog



The IceBlue/DeepBlue offer applies worldwide: place an oder of 200PV – product points – and receive both products *FREE*. They have a combined retail value of A$105.34

This offer is valid for doTerra members and new customers. Please contact me if you need help placing an order or do not have a doTerra membership yet and want to order some oils and receive the two products for free.

living-sharing-buildingMy intention for this newsletter is to remind you that the natural state of our bodies and minds is to be whole, that we have been created to heal. doTerra’s pure therapeutic essential oils empower us to be in control of our basic healthcare and to regain this wholeness of body, mind and soul.

I would like to invite you to use your oils for this purpose, to share the benefits with others and to join me in the business if you choose.

Please contact me to find out more about doTerra essential oils and how they can make a difference to your wellbeing. Let me know if you’d like to host an essential oils class for your family and friends. And let’s have a chat if you’re interested in joining me to bring health and healing to the world around us.

These essential oils truly are a Gift of the Earth 💜

Best wishes, Nicole xo



Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ February 2017


Welcome to this very late newsletter – since getting back to Perth we’ve experinced such slow internet speed that I could hardly work from home at all let alone write this newsletter. Don’t you wish there was an oil for fixing your internet problems? I certainly do! But since there isn’t we’ll focus on Balance this month – the oil I went to when feeling irritated and frustrated…


Balance – the grounding blend – was one of the first oils that I ordered after my enrolment kit. And it’s been one of my favourites ever since. It has a lovely calming and grounding aroma. And no wonder… it contains Frankincense and Blue Chamomile as well as Spruce and Ho Wood and Blue Tansy. The woody oils have great grounding properties and the flower oils are calming and the Frankincense? Well, that’s the King of Oils anyway (see last month’s newsletter).


So what does this grounding blend do for us? On an emotional level it will give us stability and perseverance. Remember, this blend is primarily a combination of tree oils. Trees live in the present moment. They are not in a hurry. They are stable. So whenever I feel a bit irritated or frustrated this blend helps me to come back to my center – to a state of balance. I also use it during and after a flight. It grounds me and therefore counteracts the feeling of jetlag.

The soft energy of Balance is excellent for calming hyperactive children who have difficulty settling down. This blend also reminds individuals that to realise their true dreams and desires, they must stay focused on a goal until it is actualised in the physical world. Providing inner strength and fortitude, Balance teaches us to ground our energy and to manifest our vision with the patience of a tree.~ excerpt from Emotions & Essential Oils book. Isn’t that a beautiful image? And here are a few more quick facts on Balance, the Grounding Blend:


I usually put a drop on my wrists and also wear it on my diffuser necklace. Because all doTerra oils are for therapeutic use they will not sit on your skin in an oily film. Their purity will allow them to penetrate into your skin and work on a cellular level. So if you want to experience the aroma throughout the day for emotional purposes the oil is best placed on a diffuser necklace or braclet. The porous beads or the layered fabric will absorb the oil and you can keep smelling it for many hours – even up to 2 days.


Some of the diffuser necklaces are made in our women’s co-op in Bali. Please contact me if you would like to order a necklace or bracelet – thanks.


theThis month we’ll also look at Bergamot, Cardamom and Eucalyptus.


Bergamot has a soft citrusy aroma and is used to give Earl Grey tea it’s distinct flavour. Bergamot blends beautifully with lots of other oils to add an uplifting quality to your day:


In emotional aromatherapy Bergamot is the Oil of Self-AcceptanceIt relieves feelings of despair, self-judgement and low self-esteem. It supports the individual in need of self-acceptance and self-love. Bergamot invites individuals to see life with more optimism. ~ excerpt from Emotions & Essential Oils.


Bergamot is also the promotion of the month – any order of Bergamot in February 2017 is 10% off. And you can watch a beautiful little video here



I love the smell and taste of Cardamom. And one thing I particularly love is cardamom in my coffee. So when I got my first bottle of Cardamom oil first thing I did was add a drop to my coffee. And guess what – it was so strong I couldn’t drink it! These oils are so potent that in this case you only need to dip a tooth pick in the oil and then swirl it through your coffee. Or tea or hot chocolate. It adds this beautiful warm spicy taste.

In emotional aromatherapy Cardamom is the Oil of ObjectivityIt helps individuals to regain objectivity, mental sobriety and self-control. It assists individuals who frequently feel frustrated or angry with other people. Cardamom helps to bring balance, mental clarity and objectivity during moments of extreme anger and frustration. ~ excerpt from Emotions & Essential Oils.


Cardamom is very beneficial for the respiratory system and you can add a drop or two along with EasyAir (Breathe) in the diffuser to benefit from its benefits. There’s also a beautiful video about doTerra’s Co-Impact Sourcing program in Guatemala which you can watch here



The doTerra Eucalyptus oil is of course harvested in Australia and has that beautiful fresh scent that we are so familiar with here down under. Eucalyptus is the Oil of WellnessThe strong medicinal aroma of Eucalyptus demonstrates its powerful effect upon the physical and emotional bodies. Eucalyptus oil supports the soul who is constantly facing illness. They may get well for times and seasons, only to return to a common cold, allergies or congestion in the sinuses and respiratory system. Eucalyptus encourages individuals to take full responsibility for their own health~ excerpt from Emotions & Essential Oils.


You can see from the above information how important it is to have a bottle of Eucalyptus oil handy: not only does it aid with all your respiratory problems and congestion it also helps to bring lasting wellness when used in emotional aromatherapy. You can add it to lots of your diffuser blends during flu season or add a drop or two to a Tbs of carrier oil for a foot massage.



Please follow this link to the doTerra Blog where you will find the recipe for the foot mask and lots of other great ideas for oils.



As mentioned earlier, Bergamot is the 10% off oil this month and anyone on the Loyalty Rewards Program receives a free bottle of AromaTouch oil this month when placing their order before the 15th February.

Please let me know if you need help placing an order or accessing the Loyalty Rewards Program.



Send in a picture of a diffuser blend which you made with any of the oils from this newsletter: Balance, Bergamot, Cardamom, Eucalyptus and AromaTouch. The first three entries will receive a special gift.



Some of you might have seen the little videos that Paul and I have been posting on Facebook to share how we use the oils in the Home Essentials Kit. As soon as all our internet problems are resolved we are planning to continue posting videos and also sharing a YouTube channel. You can access our first three videos on my Facebook page

I am also very excited to travel to the U.S. later this month to attend the DoTerra Leadership Retreat in Orlanda, Florida with my team mates over there. And I am looking forward to sharing news from it next month.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to find out more about doTerra essential oils and how they can make a difference to your health and wellbeing. They are a true Gift of the Earth 💜

So, keep using your oils, have fun experimenting a bit, share the beautiful aroma. Best wishes, Nicole xo